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About Us

Our Company

GazOne is an independent energy company focused on storage, blending, transportation, sales of LPG, CNG, gas condensate and gasoils. All our supply is from bankable refinery contracts in compliance with international standards.

Our deep-rooted understanding of global energy markets enables GazOne to provide reliable and efficient supply solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide.

Gazone views its mission is to ensure security and prosperity by addressing the energy, environmental and geopolitical challenges through transformative science and technology solutions recommended by the International Energy Agency (IEA)

Our Goal

GazOne’s core market of operations is in Uzbekistan where the company is one of the market leaders in the import, sales and distribution of gas. Our strategic goal is to strengthen our leading position in Uzbekistan and expand further into international markets in the region by both diversifying our portfolio and ensuring energy security with a sustainable road map.

What we achieved

GazOne's Remarkable Achievements

As a young company, in a short period GazOne has become a key market leader and achieved a supplier listing on the UZEX (Uzbek Commodity Exchange) as one of only four companies listed in it’s sector having successfully passed their stringent supply chain and financial compliance audit.

Year of Operation
Tons of Gas Traded
Years industry experience
Storage & Blending Facilities

Industry Experiences

The company’s heritage is from the oil & gas sector having over two decades of operational experience in supply chain logistics, transshipment, blending, storage and sales in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The company laterally expanded its operations in 2023 under the GazOne brand when Uzbekistan opened a virgin market free for outside operators to enter the global marketplace in line with the country’s energy road map.

Our Partners

We thank all of our key partners and stakeholders who enable us to fulfil our companies strategic roadmap.

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