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GazOne’s direct refinery supply from bankable sources has made it a key market leader in a short space of time. As only one of two companies in Uzbekistan to have a direct supply contract from TengizChevrOil (Chevron Group); GazOne is able to supply a sustainable source with guaranteed logistics delivery by train to its own storage facilities. This security of supply has meant that our book is oversubscribed by major clients in Uzbekistan and the region beyond from industrial counterparties, commercial clients and major service stations. Our gas products include CNG, LPG, propane, butane and other gas condensates.

With our own inhouse fleet of LPG road tankers, we are able to provide a complete service solution to our clients from supply, transshipment, storage and delivery to their facilities. This has set GazOne as the only company in Uzbekistan to provide this boutique service on a major scale.

Storage & Transshipment Facilities

GazOne owns and operates three storage facilities located in Ohangaran, Hovos and Hamza totaling 2,000 tons of gas storage capacity at any one time.

Our terminals accommodate between three to eight railway gas tankers at a time at the various respective locations and the terminals are operated by our highly skilled engineers. During a 30-day cycle, our facilities can have a total capacity of 10,000 tons of gas storage and transshipment. In addition to our own gas, we offer our storage, blending and transshipment services to third parties on term contracts.

Hovos Gas Storage & Transshipment Terminal

In early 2023, GazOne embarked on a 2-year project to build the largest gas storage and transshipment facility in Uzbekistan with a total capacity of 4,000 mt with state-of-the-art computerized facilities to international ASTM standards. The project will be carried out in two phases of 2,000 tons each.

GazOne has purchased a 9 hectare site located in Hovos after fulfilling the land due diligence and the regulatory compliance meeting all environmental and safety standards. Project reports, FEED study and all local planning and construction permits have been under process since the autumn of 2023 and in Q1 of 2024 the company broke ground with the expansion of the railway network from the nearby main line junction to its site.

The total project GDV is USD $15M and GazOne expects the site to be ready for commercial operations in Q2 of 2025. The project is entirely financed by its stakeholders and from the month-on-month profits generated from its B2B and B2C sales.

Storage and Transshipment Turn-Key Solutions

Given the wealth of experience from our own portfolio of assets Gazone has developed and brought onto the market operationally. The company decided to offer in Q4 of 2023 external services to third parties for the development and construction of gas storage, blending and transshipment systems; with the added option for GazOne to operate the assets on behalf of our major clients.

The process requires careful planning taking into consideration the environmental and social impact of the project, design and execution to ensure safety, efficiency and compliance to international ASTM standards. The construction process is complex, with several stages including:

  • Feasibility Study and Planning
  • Design and Engineering
  • Construction Phases
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Maintenance and Operation
  • Regulatory compliance and Emergency responses planning


We provide a full ranges of services for the construction of gas station or service station. We will handle the fuel dispensing, storage tanks, fuel dispensers, convenience stores, safety features and environmental compliance. We build and operate a 360 gas stations services which involves a careful management of inventory, maintenance, safety and compliance with the regulatory requirements. Proper training of staff an adherence to best practices are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of such facility.

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